Supply Chain


How we deal with chip shortage?

We always plan ahead and get plan B when encountering the shortage of raw materials. First, our purchasing department will prepare raw materials in advance according to the inventory control system.


In addition, except for the main supplier, we select to cooperate with other reliable suppliers if they are verified by our sourcing standards.

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How can we guarantee
sleek production?

We establish multilateral relationship with credible upstream firms, including:


– PCB Manufacturer, who delivers quality PCB based on our design;

– Moulding Factories, which support rapid prototyping of your required molds;

– Battery Co-processing Plant, which ensure adequate amount of high quality lithium batteries


Besides, our own plan and production department makes efficient and well-organized schedule before manufacturing, along with flexible coordination between departments in the process.


How we achieve faster delivery?

We have cooperative warehouses in both the U.S.A  and Japan, where our standard products and electric components are stored. This, on the one hand, allows us to achieve faster delivery, and to provide better local after-sales services on the other hand.

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How we ensure safe and
on-time shipment?

We have built solid partnership with several logistics agencies which have 15 years of experience in battery transportation.


They are familiar with customs clearance procedures, and also understand the international logistics rules and regulations for the transportation of batteries.

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