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350,000㎡ Portable Power Station Manufacturing Mall

    Our portable power station factory is Located in Shenzhen, a city known as the Silicon Valley in China.      With the Group’s 350,000 square meter production workshop and 25 standardized production lines, our company could produces more than 30,000 pcs portable power stations every month.

    The specialized workshops under dustless management, the experienced workers following well-organized schedule, and the professional inspection equipment, all these ensure a high capacity in Lipower. We will continue to improve our facilities and optimize the process to attain higher productivity and better quality.

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Well-organized Manufacturing

In Lipower, the sleek manufacturing process is guaranteed by our dedicated planning department, who is responsible for formulating reasonable production plans, and coordinating the work between procurement, production and other departments.


We ensure your orders are delivered in on time.

100% Quality Inspections

Quality can’t be overemphasized in Lipower. Each battery pack and every finished product is under 100% quality inspections, including aging test, circuit protection function test, extreme working environment test, drop and vibration test and packaging inspection.


Lipower is committed to bringing you energy-efficient solar generators in stable performance.

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