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Professional Portable Power Station Manufacturer

Lipower has transformed from an experienced battery manufacturer into a professional portable power station manufacturer since 2012.


With 20-year experience in battery industry, we have achieved profound background knowledge of both hardware structure design and software technology. Driven by innovation and equipped with established production lines, we are always trying our best to provide you with quality and efficient portable energy storage products at competitive prices, as well as the most considerate OEM & ODM services.

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Our Journey to Success

Through the years, our hard work and commitment allow us to achieve numerous milestones. These achievements

show that we continue to improve our means of bolstering your business.



We are continuous to develop new portable energy storage products with higher capacity, more stable performance and longer lifespan.


The market-demanding heavy-duty series of 1000W/1500W/1600W/2000W were developed and released, which was then very popular on the European and American markets.


Inspired by our clients, Lipower began to engage in portable energy storage field, and developed our first 500W portable power station.


The battery factory was founded in Longhua District, Shenzhen. A sleek manufacturing process was gradually establish afterwards.


To actively support the world brands and wholesalers with the best portable power generator products.


To become a leading outdoor portable power station manufacturer and solution provider globally.

Meet Our Proactive Teams

Lipower’s success relies on each of our dedicated members.  From dedicated plan and production department, professional QA team, and innovative R&D department to business department, we work as a whole toward the same goal: to provide the best portable energy storage products to every client, and to build mutual trust and solid partnership with every client.


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