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  • 100W Solar Panel1 拷贝
  • 60wsolarpanel2
  • 60wsolarpanel5
  • 60wsolarpanel4
  • 60wsolarpanel1
  • 100W Solar Panel1 拷贝

LP100--100W Solar Panel

  • Model: LP-100
  • Rated Power: 100W
  • Volateg: 18W
  • Solar Cells: Mono-crystalline
  • Weight: 3KG
  • Folded size: 505*365*40mm
  • Expand size:: 1400*505*10mm
FC Certificate CE Certificate PSE Certificate

High Efficiency Solar Panel

LIPOWER LP-100 Solar Panel uses monocrystalline solar cells,the electrons that generate flow of electricity have more room to move and yield the highest power outputs at a high conversion efficiency of 23%(while Polycrystalline Solar Panel at 15% and Thin Film Solar Panels at 5%).

solar panelLP1001

Briefcase-like Appearance Solar Kit

LIPOWER LP-100 Solar Panel looked like and also functioned as a briefcase, it can be folded as a briefcase and hide its kickstand for easy transport with its carrying handle. Folded size featured 20.47*14.37Inch, makes it smaller and solider than others.

solar panelLP1002

Multi Mode Output Solar Panel

LIPOWER LP-100 Solar Panel can not only charge the energy storage power supply, but also support the output of USB and other sockets on the DC output module of the solar panel, which can charge your mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc.

solar panelLP1003

Technical Specifications

General Info

Model LP-60W
Peak power Pm(W) 100(-0~+3%)
Open circuit voltage Voc(V) 21.6
MaX. power voltage Vmp(V) 17.9
Max. power current Imp(A) 5.59
Short circuit current Isc(A) 6.15
Solar panel connections 4*25w/18v
Dimensions(L*W*T)/ Weight(kgs) Folded Size:505*365*40mm

Unfolded Size:1400*505*10mm

N.W:3.05kg G.W:3.45KG

solar cell Mono-crystalling
Solar panel Front cover( material) PET

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