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M306--300W Solar Power Station

  • Model: M306
  • Rated Power: 300W
  • Capacity: 14.8V 20Ah 296Wh
  • Size: 285*155*205mm
  • Weight: 4KG
FC Certificate UL Certificate RoHS Certificate REACH Certificate PSE Certificate CB Certificate CE Certificate


Circuit Protection The BMS battery management system has over-voltage protection, over-current protection, and over-heat protection. It adjusts the charging voltage and speed to suit your device's needs. Pure Sine Wave Benefits: Generates less electrical noise in your equipment; Equipment and appliances lasts longer, runs cooler and more efficiently.

G500L power station4


Diversified product interfaces allow M306 to be applied to various electrical equipment. Equipped with 2 Pure Sine Wave AC outlets ( Rated 300W/Surge 600W), 3 DC ports, 2 USB ports , 1 QC3.0 quick charge port, and 1 USB Type-C PD18W port.


Technical Specifications

General Info

Model M306
Weight 8.8lbs (4kg)
Dimensions ( 28.5*15.5*20.5 cm) 
Operating Temperature Charge 32-113 °F ( 0-45 °C) 
Operating Temperature Discharge -4-140 °F ( -20-60 °C) 
Tested and Certified CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE,UN38.3

Battery Info

Battery Type 18650
Battery Capacity 296Wh
Life Span ≥500 Cycles                                      
Inverter 300W 

Input Ports

Wall charging ADAPTOR : 19V 3A
Solar charging 12V~30V 4Amax/75W max
Car charging 12V/24V

Output Ports

AC Outlet (x2) AC 100V~120V, 60Hz (220-240V 50Hz Edition)
pure sine wave 300W continuous, 600W peak
Fast Charge USB Port (x1) 18W ,12V max
DC Port (x3) 120W,12V
Type-C Port (x2) 45W,15V max
USB Port (x3) 5V,2.4A

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