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Folding Aluminium Sack Truck

  • Length: 1m
  • Max Current: 10A
  • Connector Type: DC5.5*2.1MM
FC Certificate UL Certificate PSE Certificate REACH Certificate RoHS Certificate CB Certificate CE Certificate

Folds easily and neatly

Comfortable non-slip handle, easy to hold and push Folds easily and neatly for storage and transportation Adjustable handle height from 64cm to 80cm and 100cm for convenience

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Great for use when outdoors camping

This aluminium folding luggage cart and hand trolley is the ideal tool for transporting heavy power station .


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Technical Specifications


Expand Size: L420 * W380 * H1000mm

Folded Size: L55 * W380 * 640mm

Chassis dimensions: Width 270M * length 390MM

Wheel Size: Diameter 130 * width 30MM

Product Weight: 3KG

Maximum load: 80KG

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